Dredging works customized dredging works

We have 2 ships in Romania working for harbors and maintenance of the navigable channel on Danube, also other rivers.. The dredging works are performed by absorbtion dredging system, with ships equipped with a pump and a pipe. We work with certified equipment and qualified staff.

The ship extract the dredging material from the bottom by mans of the pump and it stores the dredged material  in the cargo space. We can work up to a dredging depth of 18 meters with high accuracy due to localization with 4 satellite receivers and compass.

If it is necessary for building materials trading, the ship may bring the dredged material from the ship to the desired quality by means of the screen.

We can also deliver clean sand of the grades 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.6 / 0.7.

After loading, we can pump the dry material during transport, and then unload it at the desired location on land, with the ship’s own unloading equipment.

Rapide Dredger 1 is equipped with unloading equipment, a 22 meter conveyor belt, so as the ship may independently unload in various locations on land, berth- or port-type facilities not being necessary. Rapide Dredger 2 is equipped with a pump unloading equipment.

For all offered works, we can obtain all necessary permits and we can make the measurements.

We also have other various dredging equipment and ships in the Netherlands and in Belgium that can reach the location in a reasonable period of time if necessary.